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07.07.05 (5:51 am)   [edit]

Ok I've got the new site up.  I haven't done much with the new template.  That may take some time which I don't have a lot of right now.  But here is the new URL.  Please change you bookmarks and links. 


I'll add a redirct here later on.

TBLOG issues
07.03.05 (5:10 am)   [edit]
Tblog continues to have major issues.  I won't be posting anymore until this is fixed or I have another site up and running.  Yes I'm working on that.  Stay tuned.  This is rather irritating.

Weak excuse
06.29.05 (10:40 am)   [edit]

Soldiers, Sheriff's Deputy Clash in Fla.


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Some Army reservists say they were disrespected by a sheriff's deputy who made racially derogatory remarks during a confrontation in a national forest……

……The soldiers, with the 351st Adjutant General Postal Company, said they were sent to Silver Lake Recreational Area to decide on a location for a family day picnic next month. They were in two military vehicles and one private truck…….

….The interaction between the soldiers, the sheriff's deputy and the Forest Service officer began when the soldiers drove by a drop box for a $3 entrance fee to the area…..

….The soldiers said Tuesday they didn't realize there was an entrance fee. But they also say that they were on official military business and were therefore exempt from the fee…..

….The soldiers who got the tickets were the ones driving the vehicles…..

…Russ said the deputy asked him if he could read on a ninth-grade level. Another comment that the soldiers and the two civil rights groups said had racial overtones compared the soldiers' actions to behavior of people "from the projects."….

Ok, you can read the whole story yourself and from a distance it’s impossible to really say what happened here.  But if these individuals ran though an entrance with a fee they are idiots and deserve the tickets.  The excuse that that were checking the site for a Unit party prior to deployment is weak.  First anyone with a brain knows you may be exempt but you would need to coordinate with the forestry service.  Had they simply stopped and talked to the officer at the entrance there probably wouldn’t have been any trouble at all.

06.28.05 (2:53 am)   [edit]

I have always liked to travel.  Seeing new places is always a thrill and sometimes and education.  But traveling can be tough.  The jet lag, the food and the constraints and fun of security are not things I look forward to.  On my most recent trip I experienced all of the above and still come away feeling pretty good.

I will say however, the Boeing 747 has to be the most cramped plane I’ve flown on.  There was simply no leg room at all.  Now, I’m not a tall person and at 5’9 I was miserable on the 747.  The 777 was much better.

As to the flight crews and service, well Thai Airways has some of the best I’ve ever seen hands down.  The American Crews I encountered were hit and miss.  The Thai crew was professional, extremely courteous and right there whenever you thought you might desire something.  I was impressed.

Airport security was interesting to say the least.  Since I’m not exactly new to this I usually do pretty well getting through security without too much trouble.  I wish more people would pay attention before they fly on what you can and cannot bring with you.  The security people must get a little irritated with some of the passengers and the silly anger they have when they must remove an un-authorized item.  Of course most of these items should never be un-authorized but they are so we must deal with that.  In this regard Japan’s security was probably the nicest, while San Francisco’s was…less than stellar.  I noticed in some of the smaller countries their security resembles a jobs program.  At one place I went through at least five different security stations.  They all simply re-checked what had already been checked before.  But they were generally nice so what the hell. 

Luckily I stayed at some pretty nice hotels and cannot complain at all about any of the food I had anywhere along this trip.  Even the airline food was ok. 

I’m happy to be home.  While it can be nice to be waited on living out of a suitcase isn’t a long term love with me.  

Gold Star Mothers Voted
06.28.05 (2:52 am)   [edit]

The Gold Star Mothers have voted to allow non-us citizens to join the organization.  I wrote earlier that I would not support this group if they would not allow the mother of SSG Anthony Lagman to join.  She was a Philippine citizen and legal US Resident.  SSG was a US Citizen.  SSG Lagman died in Afghanistan in 2004.  This was the right thing to do and I’m glad to see the change take place. 

Will be back soon.
06.23.05 (4:51 am)   [edit]
Well I was able to get to some internet access.  I won't be posting much for another week or so but I will be back.  Hang in there I haven't quit....

Not without a fight..sure
06.16.05 (7:53 am)   [edit]

It seems that the Al-Qeda leadership in Iraq isn’t quite as committed as many of it’s members.  Abu Talha a leader in the Iraq terrorist organization was captured.  Like most of these folks he was not nearly as brave as he put on.  The reports also indicates a populace more willing to give information on terrorist in their midst.   This is of course a good sign. 

"Numerous reports indicated he wore a suicide vest 24 hours a day and stated that he would never surrender. Instead, Talha gave up without a fight," Alston said.

Talha surrendered to multinational forces in a quiet neighborhood in Mosul, Alston said, after information from Iraqi civilians contributed to his capture.

The way of the world is force
06.14.05 (1:44 pm)   [edit]

The following is from an email I was handed today.  While I don't completely agree with it, I do like the way it sounds. 

If someone puts a gun to your head and pulls the trigger, you are going to die.  Laws, public opinion, ethics, ideals, treaties, or personal preferences will not prevent your death. 

As a Buddhist sage observed, “If you understand, the world is the way it is; if you do not understand, the world is the way it is. 

The way of the world is force. You may not like that. You may choose not to believe it.  But it is true.  The world is ruled by force.   

Public opinion is worthless.  It will not stop any weapon.  Law is nothing but rules you apply after you have subdued people by force.  Laws, without being backed up by more force, are not worth the ink they’re written with. 

What keeps you alive and free are weapons and trained warriors ready to use them.  It is not economics, philosophy, ethics, negotiations, treaties or laws.  Power and the will to use it are the only things standing between us and the grave. 

People infected with peaceitis are a threat to the physical safety of themselves and their fellow countrymen.  They trying to prevent the proper arming and upkeep of our military power not only is unnecessary but is evil in itself.   

You cut a throat, the rightness or wrongness of it doesn’t matter to the dead man. He is still dead.  Whether the death is a good death or a bad death depends on whether you like or dislike the dead person.  Whether the man dies or lives depends solely on whether the knife thrust can be deflected and the knife wielder killed or disabled. 

You can’t depend on force, victims of peaceitis proclaim.  Actually, you can’t depend on anything but force.  Diplomacy works only if it’s backed by force.  Diplomacy itself is about force; the threat of force, the use of force, the direction of it.  Peace is nothing but the after math of war or the interlude between wars.  War or the threat of war is what makes a peace; or else there is no peace.  

Whether people like or hate us is irrelevant.  Our choice is to be feared.  There is no other choice. 

Training with foreign troops
06.13.05 (1:39 pm)   [edit]

Back in the mid 90’s I was lucky enough to travel to a Mediterranean country for a little training exercise.  This was considered a treat since the weather would be warm and I was on a MAROPS (Maritime Operations) team and we would be doing our infiltration VIA Ch-53’s and Zodiacs.  Now I will only talk about a small incident during this exercise although there were plenty to laugh about. 

We had been in the mountains after a long hike from the beach landing site to our base camp a couple of days.  We had done our recon of our target and were about to leave for the mission.  It was a raid on a communication station located on the top of this remote mountainside.  Our foreign troops were leading this raid and we basically were just tagging along.  

I was pulling up the rear with our Warrant Officer in front of me.  We were moving down a road.  This is generally not the preferred method but the terrain was too steep for much else and by this time we had grown tired of suggesting actual tactics to your host captain.  So we said what the hell lets get this over with and get home. 

We moved out to the road and began our stroll.  After about five minutes we stopped.  Being in the rear I had no idea why.  But with these guys we seemed to stop a lot.  So I waited covering the teams’ rear area.  Finally we began moving again.  It was slow but at least this goat rope would be over soon. 

After a few more minutes my Chief (CW3) comes back to me quietly laughing, as quietly as he could anyway.  “You have to see this’, he says to me handing me his NVGs (Vight Vision goggles) “Look at the head of our line”.  I put the NVGs on and looked forward.  There in the front of our guys (both US and foreign) was their leader with a cut down tree holding it in front of him as he walked.  I couldn’t believe it.  Did he think that was good camouflage?  I guess he didn’t think a tree walking down a road with twenty guys behind would arouse suspicion.   

Chief and I pretty much quit being tactical from there on out and just enjoyed the ride. 

Kiss my non sensitive what?
06.09.05 (6:19 pm)   [edit]

Aha, sorry for being gone so long folks.  I have no excuses this time.  I’ve just been busy and tired.  But for a little while I’ll get back on the horse and ride a bit. 

So let me talk a bit about sensitivity.  A lot has been spoken regarding sensitivity in the last 20 years or so.  We have been told that we must be sensitive to others.  The Army has their “Consideration Of Others” (COO) program which as far as I can tell is about spending money to put up signs of the month.  Signs like “caring”.  What that does for us I have no idea.  Everyone in politics certainly understands the need for sensitivity.  Why we must be sensitive of religion (as long as it’s not Christians or Jews) and of cultures.  But like most things do gooders have taken what should be more correctly called courtesy and turned it into propaganda misleading rhetoric. 

Take religion.  We can’t have the Ten Commandments hanging in public view or some group will protest.  They’ll claim hanging ten pretty decent rules violates religious liberty.  Somehow we are upholding religious liberty by removing Christian religious symbols.  If someone says a Christian prayer in a school or on public ground you’d think they called Satan himself to defile our families.  Yet, these same groups refuse to question the religion of Islam or its followers.  If one was to say, touch a Koran with out gloves on its major media event.  Yet we can hang a defiled cross in an art gallery and it’s free speech.  Why isn’t this hate speech?  You know I thought religious liberty meant the ability for all to practice their religion.  Humm.  I guess not. 

We must also be sensitive of the third world.  We cannot point out that most of the problems of the third world countries come directly from their own peoples, cultures and historically corrupt rulers.  No, it must be the west and particularly the United States that’s keeping them down.  Of this is while they beg for more money to sustain their corrupt or backward ways.  

Of course we know we must be sensitive to the whining little turds that can’t get over losing an election and continue to fight against freedom and democracy around the world.  Because of course they are the only ones that truly know what’s good for us all.  They are willing to tear down their brothers and sisters to win.  But don’t point out their flawed logic or you’ll be called a “Nazi”, a “neo – fill in the blank”, or a fascist.  No they have no idea what a fascist really is. 

Yes we must be sensitive and the Waco’s and the socialist. The hypocritical fundamentalist must never be challenged.  Put panties on a terrorist head and you’re a monster; cut off a civilian’s head and you’re a freedom fighter today.  Orwell would be proud. 

Sorry I’m not now nor will I become sensitive. 

Association of Democracies
05.30.05 (11:12 am)   [edit]

An association of Democracies.  Damn, that’s exactly what we need.  The United Nations has become an organization of tyrants and socialist.  Zell Miller in an online interview at redstaterant.com mentioned this and damned if I don’t think he is right on the mark.  See we have this organization (The UN) that gives way too much credence to the dictators and theologs around the world.  I don’t believe this was the intent but that’s what it’s come down too.  Now we need the democracies of the world to stand up and say enough.  We’ve had enough of listening to dictators with miserable human right records ( I'm talking real human rights vilolations not Amnesty's BS) tell us in the west how we are the bad guys.  Nope a solid group of democracies is what we need.  While there would still be disagreement at least it's among those with populations that can openly express thier thoughts.

Under and Alone
05.30.05 (7:29 am)   [edit]

Book review: 

Under and Alone, the true story of the undercover agent who infiltrated America’s most violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.  William Queen spent over two years getting inside the Mongol MC.  This is the story.  I bought this book yesterday afternoon and by the time I went to bed I had finish reading the story.  If was impossible to put down.  William Queen is a Vietnam Veteran, a Special Forces Veteran and spent twenty years as an ATF Special Agent.  He tells of the fear, the emotion and the hard work it took to become a fully patched member of the gang.  While often the policies of the ATF get on my nerves the dedication of people like William Queen is refreshing.   Queen writes about missing time with his son’s and how it was tearing him up.  As a father I can’t imagine how hard that was.  I found this book a damn good read.  Check it out.

Gold Star Mothers Org wrong
05.30.05 (7:25 am)   [edit]

It’s a damn embarrassment.  You’ve seen the story of the mother whose son died in Iraq denied membership into the Gold Star Mothers organization.  I don’t care if she is not a citizen.  She gave up a son for this country.  She sacrificed just like the other Gold Star Mothers.  The organization says it can’t just change the rules and admit her.  Well Bullshit.  What can be more American than giving you son to a country?  She has given more that a large portion of citizens ever give for this land and I think it’s wrong to deny her.  Who the hell do these people think they are?  I’m proud of every member of the military and their families.  I don’t care where they come from.  How many come to this country and just feed of the system yet this family has not.  Do these people understand what their sons and daughters are fighting for?  I don’t think so.  This is an organization I won’t support until they change their policy.

British kitchen knife ban?
05.27.05 (9:18 am)   [edit]

A group of British doctors are calling for a ban on kitchen knives.  They claim the number of stabbings would be reduced if kitchen knives were not available.  What utter nonsense.  The fact that a group of doctors or anyone for that matter can get a write up in the BBC shows just how irrelevant the BBC is now.  Hell they might as well be the Guardian.  I guess if these doctors and probably news people in Briton got their way we’d have to outlaw screwdrivers then since they are also handy and can certainly hurt people.  While we are at it let’s just get rid on any sharp object, no metal, no hard plastic and make everything out of fluffy stuffing and rubber.

They argued many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon.

Well so is a bottle, a belt, a frying pan, hell anything can be used as a weapon.  The fact is people are the issue and people will on occasion hurt others.  We can deter some violence through law enforcement and punishment but there will always be some emotional compulsive violence in our world since we are humans.  It’s part of our nature.  Taking our tools away because some people can’t control themselves is unacceptable.  Besides look how well gun control has work to stop crime in Briton, New York and just about any other placed it’s been tried.  It doesn’t help, well not the innocent anyway.

Weakness is showing again
05.23.05 (4:24 pm)   [edit]

Once again politics and the Democrats have won.  “Moderate” Senators agreed to a compromise on judicial nominees.  This is a straight up Democrat victory. 


...Under the terms, Democrats would agree to oppose any attempt to filibuster — and thus block final votes — on the confirmation of Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor....

...As for future nominees, the agreement said they should "only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances," with each Democrat senator holding the discretion to decide when those conditions had been met...

Which means nothing at all has changed.

The weak kneed Republican Party simply deserves what it will soon get.  That being more stalled votes and political grandstanding from the left.  But hey they could have stopped this.  So Mr. President don’t count on your Party, they probably won’t be there when you need them.

Another Mosque bombed
05.23.05 (10:52 am)   [edit]

Another bombing outside a Mosque.  I'm glad religious symbols are so revered.  Once again we have proof this has nothing to do with religion.  While we castigate ourselves in front of the world for being insensitive to Islam the war goes on with those who will desecrate Mosques and kill innocent people daily.  Yet we must look at our practices?  We are the bad guys?  I don’t think so. 


We need to let the terrorist know that hiding behind the skirts of their women and their religion won’t save their sorry asses.  But I know this is only wishful thinking.  Our politicians simply don’t have it in them.


Our troops however when unleashed are doing a hell of a good job. 

Revenge of Lucas
05.18.05 (8:22 pm)   [edit]

Star Wars Fan might not want to read this… Fair warning..


I remember when Star Wars came out.  I think the first trailer for the movie I saw was on the late night show Creature Features and Bob Wilkens was talking about the movie.  I went to see it and unlike so many I didn’t find it the great event that would change Science Fiction.  Now that’s not to say I didn’t like the movie.  I did.  But I was a Star Trek kid and honestly Capitan Kirk would have smoked Darth Vaders butt while adding a Princes Leia notch on his belt. 

But out of all the Star Wars movies so far the original was the best for me.  It was fun.  It was lighthearted and yet not childish.  I thought the whole Star Wars period was over when they added EWOKS.  I mean come on.  Furry little dwarfs?  Only furry dwarfs I want to see should have battle axes and should be knocking demon riders off of horses but that’s Fantasy not Sci-fi.  I know. 

The second on third movies were just silly.  While Star Wars was just one step above camp the second and third dropped below viewable for me.

The prequels I’ve watched and the sad part is I can’t remember them at all.  So they probably weren’t really bad just not really good either.  (Now ask me about the Wrath of Khan)  

So will Revenge of the Sith redeem the Star Wars Empire?  It’s supposed to be much darker, which is something I like.  So maybe, just maybe this one won’t be too bad.

Oh and no, I’m not a treki geek.

Al-Sadr is back
05.16.05 (6:35 pm)   [edit]


Muqtada al-Sadr has come out of hiding to whine some more.  I’m confused, why doesn’t this fellow have a gapping whole in his cranium?  This little turd lost how many fighters in Najaf a while back?  Funny in Iraq and other places their best leaders lose most of their soldiers on a regular basis yet they stay untouched.  Could it be that they are actually just cringing little cowards? Hummm.  So he says. “I demand several things, including punishing Saddam and calling on the Iraqi government, religious movements and political factions to work hard to kick out the occupier.”  Well now Mr. Sadr, I really don’t think you’re in much of a position to demand a damn thing.  But continue spouting off and the evil disease brought by the Americans might get you.  You know lead poisoning. 

Al-Sadr also accused the United States of trying to foment a sectarian conflict, and he demanded the coalition release all detainees.

Uh-huh..yeah, that’s just what the United States wants, more violence.  Jeeze that really helps the US.  I wonder though how his message is playing in the shiite areas?  You would think his credibility is in the toilette but then these insurgents are a bit slow sometimes. 

More thoughts on Newsweek
05.16.05 (6:40 am)   [edit]

The Newsweek Koran debacle is starting to take off in the blogashere and while I agree completely with most postings I’ve seen I would remind everyone it’s not Newsweek’s biased report that caused people to kill.  Something is wrong in these societies that look for any reason to kill their neighbors.  This is a power struggle in a backwards part of the world between old school warlords.  The West has trouble understanding these people.  All the “enlightenment” has left the modern leaders unable to grasp the level of ruthlessness the third world can deliver and until we do understand and respond appropriately we will be at a disadvantage.


Yes Newsweek and Michael Isikoff were irresponsible.  But, folks this isn’t new in the media.  They as a whole have been against this administration and the War from the beginning.  The Media has been a bastion for the left and has gone from biased reporting to outright treason.  But there is hope.  It’s not being ignored anymore.  I can’t prove it but I believe there is a new wave of reporters and editors waiting in the wings that will not be so easy on the left. Perhaps some of the many fine Milbloggers will take this on as a second career.

Kofi didn't come clean?
05.14.05 (3:41 pm)   [edit]

Annan Didn't Disclose Key Meetings


Wow , now that’s a surprise.  (sarcasm)

Desecration? Don't think so.
05.14.05 (2:21 pm)   [edit]

The enemy will take anything it can.  So will the media.  The uproar over the desecration of a Koran is complete Bullshit.  First off it’s highly questionable that a Koran was flushed down a toilet at Guantanamo.  But let’s say it’s true.  So what?  God didn’t build the printing press that produced this book just as God doesn’t print the Bible or any other “Holy” book.  God doesn’t create the various interpretations either.  Only a completely backwards ass individual could see true Blasphemy in the destruction of any book.  These people kill in the name of God yet we are supposed to treat them like they are five year olds and can only give them a time out.  It’s a book not original scripture.  Oh and  I bet God can take it. 

Saudi ire at Koran 'desecration' Saudi Arabia has voiced "deep indignation" at reports that a copy of the Koran was desecrated at the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. 

Well you know what?  I have deep indignation with the fact many murderers continue to come out of Saudi Arabia.  I have deep indignation that Saudi Arabia continues to treat anyone other than Muslim males as slaves.  But hey don’t want to piss them off I guess. 

This is being used not only by terrorist leaders on ignorant followers but also by the media to once again try to find “Evil” in the US.  Well F**k them all.  The fact that any US officials are taking this serious also pisses me off.  Guess what Islamic extremist ass, your people are killing innocent people daily in the name of Allah, that the true blasphemy.  It’s sick and deranged and the fact the press gives your sorry asses a pass daily is infuriating.  The fact our politicians continue to lack a spine is nearly as infuriating.  When will our officials stand up and wave the Bullshit flag? The list of cowards sure is long these days and a damn shame many work for us.

Thoughts of the day
05.14.05 (7:11 am)   [edit]

 A busy week has kept the posting down here this week.  There have been a few items that I’ve wanted to comment on so here goes. 

Iraqi offensive: Operation Matador continues.  Rumors abound regarding the health of insurgent leader Zarqawi.  Check out Winds of Change for a great roundup.  My take is that bad guys are dying in large numbers and that’s good.  It still appears many foreign fighters are causing a fair portion of the damage in Iraq to this day.  I don’t think it would hurt if a stray bomb were to accidentally hit well inside the Syrian border or the Iranian border for that matter.   No, I haven’t forgotten about Saudi Arabia where there continues to be way too much support for extremist.  However we do have some in roads in that country and a US military approach is probably not the best option there. 

BRAC: The Base Realignment and Closer list is out and like every one of these list before this one it has stirred up many communities.  The effects of losing a major or even minor military base can be huge.  Local economies often rely heavily on the military presence for their survival.  In places where the military is the major employer the loss of jobs can ruin a town.  The other side of the closures is they do return enormous amounts of money back to the Government.  A military base is extremely expensive to run.  This money could go into funding items the troops actually need.  This will be a fight like always with local and state officials making every effort to keep the bases in their areas open. 

Disclosure of Classified or sensitive material:  Again someone in the Government has disclosed information that is not meant to be released.  Democrat senator Harry Reid spoke of an FBI background report the other day as if it’s ok to release this information.  It is not ok and there are rules in place for the Senate to discourage such releases.  In their desperation many in the Democrat party continue to disregard the law in an effort to “WIN.”  The most frustrating issue is that there seems to be no punishment for those whether Democrats or Republicans who violate basic security laws.  Remember former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.  He stole classified documents by stuffing them in his pants and socks.  He lost he’s clearance for three years and was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.  Not much of a punishment by any standard. 

Current administrations will always have an advantage in classified material due to having de-classification authority.   

Our leaders may fight over policy and ideology but the national interest and security of the country must come before these battles.  Those that can’t put the Nation first need to be removed and in some cased jailed as any normal citizen would be.

John McCain a Republican?
05.10.05 (6:24 pm)   [edit]

John McCain urged Republicans to compromise on judicial nominees. Folks John McCain in not a Republican and is possibly the best weapon the Democrats have ever had.  While continuing to disguise himself as a GOPer he has given the left more firepower than they could have ever mustered on their own.   He goes against his party so often when they need his influence and votes that I cannot believe he actually has conservative views at all.  Either that or his need for attention is stronger than his desire for success of conservative ideas. 


In a short I don’t trust the man.

Forsake the troops
05.09.05 (6:09 pm)   [edit]

A former 10th group buddy sent me the link to this site. Forsake the troops.info.  He was a bit peeved to say the least.  This was a few days ago.  I promised I’d comment but it’s been difficult to write anything about this site without getting a bit angry.  The site banner reads “This website is proudly dedicated to the notion that our nation's military is grossly overcompensated, at the expense of the American taxpayers. Even as the evil, overspending Pentagon seeks to raise benefits for these scumbags, Forsake The Troops believes that these pukes get pay and benefits tax free when in a combat zone.”

They also support the boycott of Metallica for its pro military stance.  This will irritate at least one of my long time readers.

In a way I like sites like this.  They aren’t trying to hide behind some “support the troops” BS while supporting initiatives that directly go against the troops.  Nope.  They straight up don’t support the troops and think they are simply over paid idiots.  They also expose what many actually think.  So young troop don’t think everyone loves you brother.  They don’t.  But then they tend to love dictators instead and well dictators aren’t really doing as well as they used to thanks to you troop.

My blog
05.09.05 (2:59 pm)   [edit]

What is my blog?  How long have I been blogging?  Well I started in 1997.  But then it was just called a web site.  Of course I didn’t have a comment section and I had to FTP all new updates.  At the time I started by critiquing a military school I was attending.  The school had so many classified areas that I really couldn’t say much but it was kind of a vent and led to a multi-page end of course critique which I turned in and assume was trashed. 

I moved on to general comments on news events and military subjects that were important to me at the time.  Updating via FTP was a bit of a pain.  It meant I really couldn’t update from anyplace but home.  This certainly was a limitation of the time.  I never did the diary thing.  That’s not me.  I whine enough about the military and political spectrum I sure don’t want to bore others with my personal life which is like any other.  It has ups and downs and if I were to write daily about it I would certainly regret most of what I’d say.  So I keep to the outside world mostly.

For a short time a friend of mine had an EZINE going and I was a frequent writer.  But he was unable to keep the site going.  It’s a shame because the site actually made me feel like I must contribute and that helped to motivate me.  I still would like to work on a multi person site but it would have to be with the right group. 

Now I have this blog.  It’s not that old.  But I do get more visitors than ever.  That’s still a relatively small number and I like most of the individuals that leave comments.  The problem I have is that I don’t have it in me to actually promote this site.  I mean what can I say that others don’t already say and say it much better?  I’ve seen some sites that promote the hell out of themselves and I’m not impressed.  Many of these sites do well and some of these bloggers have attained some notoriety.  But is it because they are insightful? Is it because they write extremely well or is it just hype and who you know?  Well I think for some it’s the latter.  Promotion is everything. 

I’ve also noticed the great sites that just peter out.  They come on strong, usually at a time when some news item is hot and they on the bandwagon.  They hit the big story hard and give or create some great ideas.  But somehow they don’t last.  That’s what makes blogging so difficult.  How many “War bloggers” started a couple of years ago only to fade away?  How many political blogs were hot while the elections were taking place but haven’t posted anything in months?  We all have times when we just don’t have anything to say but we must post something.  I hate going more than a week without a post.  I feel like I’m cheating someone.  

In the end for me and many others we do this for the challenge and the fun.  When the fun stops so will I.  Now if I ever figure a way to make money doing this without advertisements I may take it more serious and promote…..